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Eating Too Much Tuna – Can be a problem

Posted on: May 13th, 2015 by wayne

In the June issue of consumer reports there is an article about the levels of mercury in tuna, given the fact that the FDA is now debating the limits people should consume. The article suggests limiting canned albacore tuna to no more than 4.5 oz per week, canned light tuna to 13.5 oz per week. It also notes that Ahi tuna (both yellowfin and bigeye) which are frequently used in sushi is high in mercury, and hence should be avoided, while other types of tuna should be limited based on the type. In particular, pregnant women should avoid tuna altogether. Another concern is orange roughy and marlin should be avoided for the most vulnerable groups.

So to get your omega3s and eliminate the worry about mercury contamination, eat chia.

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