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Omega-3 enriched chicken meat by feeding broilers chia seed

Azcona, J.O., M. J. Schang, P.T. Garcia, C. Gallinger, R. Ayerza and W. Coates. 2008. Omega 3 enriched broiler meat: The influence of α-linolenic-ω-3 fatty acid sources on growth, performance and meat fatty acid composition. Canadian Journal of Animal Science, 88:257-269 (Abstract and Full Text).

Ayerza, R., W. Coates and M. Lauria. 2002. Chia Seed (Salvia hispanica L.) as an omega-3 Fatty Acid Source for Broilers: Influence on Fatty Acid Composition, Cholesterol and Fat Content of White and Dark Meats, Growth Performance, and Sensory Characteristics. Poultry Science, 81:826-837

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